Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9th: Apricot Day

When I first saw that January 9th was Apricot Day, I scratched my head and went, "Huh?"  I've always associated apricots with summer.  My troop leader had an apricot tree, so every year our entire troop spent one summer Saturday picking apricots and making apricot jams.  One of my friends loves apricots and, every summer, if she offers you an apricot, you know you're a friend of hers because she doesn't part with fresh apricots for just anyone.

So I was a little confused to see that Apricot Day was in January.  Turns out most of the apricots in the US are imported.  A lot come from Turkey and Australia and you can find them year-round, dried.  So when we're in the middle of winter and US-grown  apricots are pretty much non-existent, the fruit is ready elsewhere in the world.  At least, that's why I'm guessing it's in January. 

Some apricots are grown in the US, with California growing the most and Washington and Utah also producing apricots.  You can buy California-grown apricots at Apricot King.  Not sure where you can buy Washington or Utah-grown apricots online, but SavorWA can help you find apricots if you're in Washington.  Seattle Can Can has some really good apricots recipes if you happen to find yourself with an excess of apricots.

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