Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30: Croissant Day

When made right, croissants are airy, flaky, buttery treats.  My dad prefers his croissants slathered in jam, my mom prefers hers plain with her morning coffee, and I prefer mine as bread for sandwiches.  To my tastebuds, cold croissants are the perfect bread for ham and cheese sandwiches.  They're good warm too, but only if the whole sandwich is warm with the cheese slightly melted.

My roomie and I found a recipe to make croissants, using the bread maker to knead the dough.  Unfortunately, the recipe calls for at least 5 hours of chill time, if not overnight, before the dough can be worked and then when working/shaping the dough, another hour of chill time.  I don't have the time during a weekday to devote that much time and concentration to baking, so maybe we'll try out the recipe this weekend. 

Yes, I like food so much that if a recipe requires hours of work, I will schedule my weekend around the recipe.

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