Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11: National Raspberry Bombe/Tart Day

Some sites list today as National Raspberry Bombe Day, while others list it as National Raspberry Tar Day.  I also have down that May 3 was National Raspberry Tart Day and since I wrote a bit about it then, today I'm going to focus on raspberry bombes.  (Mainly because I had no idea what a raspberry bombe was until not too long ago.)  If you would like to celebrate National Raspberry Tart Day, check out this recipe from Emeril.

I had no idea what what a bombe was until fairly recently.  Essentially, a bombe is a two-layer ice cream dessert shaped into an inverted bowl (or other similar shape.)  It can be any two flavors you want and so many pair well with raspberry.  There's raspberry and vanilla bombe, which can be dressed up even further by the addition of merengue Lemon always provides a nice counterpart to raspberry flavor.  Chocolate is a favorite for many people, but you can also try white chocolate.  This old newspaper clipping recipe for raspberry bombe uses strawberry or peppermint ice cream and adds things like nuts, fruit pieces, and rum.  Even though most of the nation isn't feeling the heat like a couple of weeks ago, this is a great summer dessert.

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