Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3: National Raspberry Tart Day & National Raspberry Popover Day

National Raspberry Tart Day

If someone placed a slice of raspberry tart in front of me, I certainly wouldn't send it back.  While I love eating the fruit straight off the vine, a well-made tart with many of these delicious berries can be heavenly. The LA Times celebrates National Raspberry Tart Day.  If you're interested in celebrating today by making a raspberry tart of your own, try this recipe from Joy of Baking or this one from the Cooking Channel.  If you want to add a little international pizzazz to your celebration, try this French raspberry tart recipe.   

National Raspberry Popover Day

Well, March 10th was National Blueberry Popover Day, so I'm not terribly inclined to talk about popovers.  Popovers tend to be bland because they're meant to be filled with something.  If you do plain popovers, you could go with sweet or savory fillings.  If you make popovers with fruit, such as raspberries, sweet fillings such as clotted cream or lemon curd pair perfectly.  (Although, I suppose if you made cranberry popovers, they'd probably go well with turkey...hrm...)

Anyhow, today celebrates raspberry popovers.  When fresh raspberries are on sale, I may have to try some of these recipes I found because it looks like these may actually have flavor.  These raspberry peach cardamon popovers from Doughmesstic look like they'd be perfect for a Sunday brunch or maybe a tea party.  Also from Doughmesstic, these Nutella raspberry popovers with fresh bananas look like something I could serve as a dessert.  And just look at these Raspberry and Orange Popovers!  In fact, all the popovers in Doughmesstic's Popover Project are making rethink my opinion that popovers are bland. 

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