Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9: National Butterscotch Brownies Day

Butterscotch brownies aren't technically brownies - they're blondies.  True brownies use chocolate.  Oh, I suppose you could make brownies with butterscotch swirled in or with butterscotch chips and call it a butterscotch brownie.

Traditional butterscotch brownies are relatively easy to make and don't require any butterscotch chips. Still, some recipes do call for butterscotch chips and those are a fairly gauranteed way to make sure you get the flavor right.  Butterscotch brownies, or blondies, have a more cookie-like texture than regular brownies.  CakeSpy has an excellent write-up of brownies vs blondies.  (Plus, the photos there are adorable!)  None of the recipes linked so far your style?  Check out CDKitchen - there's a list of butterscotch brownie recipes where you should be able to find one you're interested in.  The Los Angeles Times shares a recipe from the restaurant Clementine.  Or you can try making butterscotch brownie swirls - those are sure to impress at your next party.  Want to change things up a little bit?  Try adding Baileys, apples or try going for a tart form.

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