Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17: National Cherry Cobbler Day

There's only two cobbler days out of the year - April 13 which is National Peach Cobbler Day and today, National Cherry Cobbler Day.  This time, What's Cooking America serves up the history of fruit cobblers.  (Have you ever heard of "pandowdy?"  That's totally new to me!)

Cherry cobbler, like all cobblers, is pretty easy to make.  You can make cherry cobbler with fresh cherries (arguably the best but incredibly time-consuming- all that pitting!) or frozen cherries (might be a little too sweet for some, since frozen cherries are usually sweetened).   Or you can super easy and just used canned cherries. You can also use cake mix for the topping

Cherry cobbler always disappears rather quickly at parties and if you take it to the next barbecue you're invited to, you'll probably be a very popular person there.

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