Friday, May 11, 2012

May11: Eat What You Want Day and National Mocha Tarte Day

Eat What You Want Day

Really?  We have a day for this?  Doesn't this happen every single day?  Maybe this day was brought about just so that everyone who is dieting and exercising to look good in their swimsuit could have an "off" day without the guilt that's usually associated with breaking a diet. 

I eat whatever I want every day, mainly because I like to eat and I only eat foods I like.  There's no one telling me what to eat.  Ultimately, whatever you put in your mouth is your choice.  Well, if you're an "adult" that is.  Children don't get to eat whatever they want, so maybe this day was made for them.

National Mocha Tarte (Tart/Torte) Day

I thought about making a mocha tart today, especially since I had all the ingredients for this recipe, but then I realized: no one would eat it.  Coffee-flavored foods are a huge miss for my roommate and I'm not too fond of them either (even though I will drink coffee and espresso drinks when I need caffeine.)  Normally, I would just take it in to work and let everyone there have at it, but I've had quite a few complaints (all jesting and half-hearted, I believe) that I'm making people fat, making it impossible for people to keep to diets, and that I'm mean and evil for bringing in treats so often.  Ah, well.  No making of a mocha tart for me today.

Of course, if I did make one, I'd probably use this Haagen Dazs recipe.  I know quite a few vegetarians and vegans, so this vegan mocha tart will be a recipe for me to keep for later use.  Or if I really wanted to impress, I'd make a marblized mocha tart.  For some reason, marblized desserts always recieve many, "That looks so good!"

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