Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14: Cream-filled Chocolate Day (or Creme-filled Chocolate Day, if you prefer)

Happy Valentine's Day!  Or Singles Awareness Day!  Or, most simply, Happy February 14th!

Today in the US is a big day for chocolate-giving.  (It is in other parts of the world, too, like Japan- although the traditions are a little different.)  Stores here have been stocking Valentine-themed chocolates since before Christmas.  So with today being the peak of chocolate giving in the US, it makes sense that today is Cream-filled Chocolate Day.  (Plus, it's Chocolate Lover's Month, so bonus!)

Chocolates aren't my favorite Valentine's Day candy, so I didn't pay too close attention to the chocolates when I was at the store last week.  During an impromptu run to the store today, though, I looked carefully at the chocolates offered.  Not one was cream-filled!  I was a little shocked - were they all purchased already?  Are they not that big of a seller?  Maybe cream-filled chocolates are only sold in the variety packs or as individual truffles at chocolate shops, like Godiva.  (By the way, if you sign up for their rewards club, you get a free truffle every month.)

Even if you don't have chocolate today, honor Chocolate Lover's Month by reading up on some strange ways chocolate keeps you healthy.  And just remember that tomorrow is what my friends like to call "Half-Off Chocolate Day."

Also, it slipped my mind that yesterday, the 2nd Monday of February, was Oatmeal Monday.  Whoops.  Well, considering oatmeal already gets a month (January), gets at least one other day (either the 16th or 29th of October) and is celebrated in cookie, muffin, and waffle form later in the year - I don't feel too bad about missing yesterday's Oatmeal Day.

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