Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28: National Chocolate Souffle Day

75% of the time, today would be the last day of the month, National Chocolate Lover's Month/Chocolate Month, and National Chocolate Souffle Day would be the perfect way to end the month.  Well, this year isn't in that 75%, but it's still National Chocolate Souffle Day!

I've never made a chocolate souffle, but I have made souffle in the past.  Twice, both for one lab because my first was a disaster.  If you're careful and patient souffles are pretty easy, but if you rush any part of the process... you end up with a hot mess.  NPR has some information about the science involved in making the perfect souffle.  If you feel like giving it a shot, Reluctant Gourmet and Real Simple both have recipes that look pretty good. 

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