Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15: International Gumdrop Day

Right after a day of chocolate indulgence and gift-giving, it's International Gumdrop Day!  I'm not sure how this one got "International" tacked on in the title while most others just get "National."

Like cream-filled chocolates, finding gum drops was harder than I expected.  I remember gumdrops being chewy candies with an outer coating of sugar, like these.  I couldn't find gumdrops like that at the three stores I went to.  In fact, the only gum drops I came accross were the DOTS brand, the smooth gumdrops that come in a multitude of flavors.  I'm most familiar with the five basic flavors, so it was neat to learn that DOTS also come in yogurt and tropical flavors.  (I'm not a fan of licorice, so those DOTS were always given away.)

In addition to just eating gumdrops, you can even bake with gumdrops.  Also, gumdrops are great for decorating sweets.  You can place them on top in pretty patterns, slices them for roof tiles or stepping stones for a gingerbread house, make roses with them, or other flowers like pansies or tulips.    Or you can just make your own grumdrops in whatever shapes you want!

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