Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New month, new celebrations!

Hoo-boy, February is going to be a challenge.  February is:
  • Sweet Potato Month
  • Heart Healthy Month
  • National Potato Lover’s Month
  • Berry Fresh Month
  • Great American Pies Month
  • Chocolate Lover's Month
  • Snack Food Month
  • Berry Fresh in the Sunshine State Month
  • National Cherry Month
  • National Fiber Focus Month
  • National Hot Breakfast Month
  • National Grapefruit Month
Some of these make perfect sense.  Chocolate Lover's Month is perfect for February, what with Valentine's Day.  (Or as my friends like to call February 15th, Half-Off Chocolate Day.)  Others confuse me - is it supposed to be Berry Fresh Month or Berry Fresh in the Sunshine State Month?  Does that only mean Floridians are allowed to celebrate Berry Fresh Month? 

Well, time to get started on the February celebrations!

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