Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3: Carrot Cake Day

"So what's today?"
"Carrot Cake Day."
"Ooh, let's make carrot cake!  That's healthy right?"
".... Cake."
"So?  There's no sugar, right?  And there are carrots?  So it's healthy."
"..... CAAAAAAKE."

That was the conversation between my roommate and me today.  I was a little shocked that she could even think anything with "cake" in the name could be healthy.  We ended up pulling out all the cookbooks and searching around online for carrot cake recipes.  We had everything to make carrot cake...except carrots.  When we went to the store, the carrots were less than fresh so we opted out.  In the review of carrot cake recipes, we found so many variations.  My favorite variation of carrot cake includes juicy raisins and crushed pineapples.  I'm still working on finding a recipe I like that doesn't use sugar, because carrot cake is already sweet enough.

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