Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9: Bagels and Lox Day & Pizza Pie Day

Bagels and Lox Day

I've had bagels but I've never had lox.  I thought lox was just another term for smoked salmon, but it's not.  Lox is salmon, but to make lox, the salmon is brined instead of smoked.  An older post from the Accidental Hedonist explores the making of a perfect Bagel and Lox.  The Gothamist asks what you're doing to celebrate the day.  Sounds like this is a food I need to try whenever I visit New York!

Pizza Pie Day

Speaking of foods I need to eat whenever I visit New York...  Today's also Pizza Pie Day!  I've already talked about pizza during National Pizza Week and I spent today trying to eat some of my leftovers (I still had some Fettuccine Alfredo left!), so I wasn't going to eat pizza today.  However, the casual mention of "Hey, it's Pizza Pie Day" worked its insidious magic and my roommate decided to make mini pita pizzas, which meant that I got some pictures of a sort-of pizza pie.

Making mini pita pizzas is really easy.  All you need is some mini pitas, some Pizza Squeeze, mozzarella, and mini pepperonis.  And this is totally flexible.  You can always substitute English Muffins or thick toast for the mini pitas.  There's one recipe we have floating around here somewhere that used grilled eggplant as the base.  (That's my favorite way to eat eggplant.)  No Pizza Squeeze?  Try using some spaghetti sauce.  And you can use whatever toppings you want- you don't have to use mini pepperonis.  (If you still want to have pepperoni, just take normal pepperoni and chop it up.)

One last thing: everytime I hear "pizza pie" instead of "pizza," I get an image in my mind of a pie (you know, the kind that you need a pie dish for) made with pizza fixings.  Maybe one day I should make this. 

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