Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21: Sticky Bun Day

Today's Sticky Bun Day.  No baking or attempts at baking today, though - I looked at recipes for sticky buns and my arteries all just kind of shuddered at the thought of more butter and sugar.  (I still have that cherry pie to work on!)

Initially, I thought sticky buns were the same as cinnamon rolls.  They're not.  The crucial difference between sticky suns and cinnamon rolls is how they're baked.  Cinnamon rolls are made by making a roll of dough, slicing it, and then simply placing it in a baking dish.  Icing is then drizzled on top.  In contrast, traditional sticky rolls are made by putting all the "sticky" ingredients in the baking dish first, then putting the dough on top for baking.  After the buns are baked, the baking dish is flipped so that the all the sticky ingredients are on top for serving.  Sticky buns also typically have pecans or walnuts,

Due to my initial reaction of "OMG, no more butter for a week please!" I started looking to see if there were any "healthy" sticky bun recipes.  I found a gluten-free recipe, a whole wheat recipe, a vegan recipe, apple sticky buns.... even a sticky bun recipe from a diabetic food site!  I really wouldn't call any of them "healthy" though.

If you do celebrate Sticky Bun Day by baking sticky buns, just try not to eat the whole batch.  Seriously.  Every picture attached to a recipe looked so delicious, I can honestly see myself eating a whole batch if I made sticky buns.

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