Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19: Chocolate Mint Day

Today's Chocolate Mint Day and I have a mint plant that is of the chocolate mint variety, but since my calendar is supposed to be about food holidays, though, I'm guessing that "Chocolate Mint Day" is referring to chocolate with mint flavoring. 

Chocolate and mint are paired together in so ways.  There's chocolate mint ice cream, cookies, cakes, candiesbeer, tea, and fudge.  Smitten Kitchen even has a great recipe for Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes with Mint Cream.  There are endless ways to pair chocolate and mint.  I'm just curious how long this pairing has been happening.  Probably since the days of the Aztecs.

And of course, it's Girl Scout Cookie Season, so if you're a lover of the combination of mint and chocolate, it's time to go get those Thin Mints. 

Also,  Delish says it's National Chocolate Month which makes sense since it's also Chocolate Lover's Month.  In honor of the month, Delish has 8 facts about chocolate.  Really, the only one that was new to me was that the US doesn't even rank as one of the top ten chocolate-consuming nations. 

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