Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25: National Wine Day and National Brown Bag It Day

National Wine Day

I've already discussed wine before, so I'm just going to be brief and provide you with some links. 

Since every state has a winery, check out what your local wineries are doing to celebrate National Wine Day.  Or, since a lot of people like going out on a Friday night, gather up your friends and check out a local wine bar.  Or go even easier and just pour yourself a glass of whatever you have on hand.

National Brown Bag It Day

As a nutrition student, I think this day is awesome.  I totally believe more people should take the time to make a lunch to take to work.  It saves you a lot of money over time and if you're using leftovers, you end up saving a lot of time, too.  There's no standing in any line (unless there's one for the microwave and you need to reheat something) so you get to fully enjoy your lunch hour, maybe squeezing in a few minutes of exercise.
Some of my lunch bags.
But why brown bag it?  That's so boring!  Plus, it's rather wasteful, even if you are recycling your bags.  If you still love the brown paper bag, try the reusable, insulated version.  Today, reusable lunch bags look like purses, so you can stay stylish while being Earth-friendly.  Reuseit has a large collection of lunch bags for your perusal.  The Container Store also has all sorts of items to make it easy to bring your own lunch.

So take the time today to pack up a lunch or snack for your day, even if it's just leftovers from the last night.

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