Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24: National Escargot Day

Some peopel have a very strong aversion to escargot, simply because they can't get over the fact that escargots= snails.  I've had escargot twice.  It was okay - just kind of chewy.  They were pretty much drowning in butter, which is probably why I was so "meh" about them.  Good Cooking's recipe for Escargot Bourguignons looks a lot more appealing - I like the idea of all those herbs.  Or you can just go the easy way and garlic it up.

If you're in Philadelphia today, Grub Street has all the information you need to find some escargot for today.  In San Diego?  Get your escargot fix at Au Revoir.  Be careful if you're in the Bay Area because apparently the escargot in SF like to explode.

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