Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20: National Quiche Lorraine Day and National Pick Strawberries Day

National Quiche Lorraine Day

When I looked at my calendar, this was another food that I wasn't familiar with.  I knew what a quiche was, but I had no idea what a "quiche lorraine" was or how to prepare it.  (My roommate swears that she survived solely on quiche lorraine and bread while in France.)  I thought perhaps it was another dish named after a person, but I was wrong.  Lorraine seems to refer to the Lorraine region of France, which has German influence due to it's history/location.  "Quiche" actually comes from the German word for cake.  The Examiner provides us with some history of the quiche lorraine.

So how to make quiche lorraine?  It seems be just a quiche made with bacon, onion, and cheese.  The ever reliable Betty Crocker gives a recipe, but Emeril's recipe takes about half the time to make.  Quiche lorraine probably isn't good for a quick breakfast (unless you've already got some in the fridge and you're re-heating it) but it could be the star of a brunch get-together.

National Pick Strawberries Day/National Strawberry Month

Whoo!  It's strawberry season, finally!  Today is the perfect day (well, provided the weather's nice where you are) to go pick strawberries.  Don't have a bunch of strawberry plants growing on your patio or in your backyard?  No worries!  Just go to to find a U-pick strawberry farm near you.  Nothing near you or no time?  Well, I suppose going to the grocery store and picking out a container of strawberries you like can count, but it really is more fun to go to a U-pick farm.  They're great for kids, too, and there's usually some sort of other entertainment available.

Acto to a u-pick farm any day of this month, because this would be a great way to celebrate National Strawberry Month, too!

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