Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5: National Oyster Day

So May 5th was Oyster Day, but today is National Oyster Day.  I'm always a little leery of eating oyster when I'm nowhere near an ocean.  (Same with fish, unless I'm at a large chain restaurant.)  I also haven't always been a fan of oysters - it wasn't until a trip to Vegas with friends who love oysters did I learn to enjoy eating oysters.  My friends insisted on checking out the oyster bar at Red Rock, which they had heard was pretty good.  While there, they convinced me to try one.  I ended up ordering another platter for us, the oysters were that good.

Thanks to The Oyster Guide, I now know that the previous oysters I had had probably came from a different region than the ones I had in Vegas.  I will never know for sure, but at least I think understand why I didn't like the oysters I had eaten previous to the Vegas trip.

In a Half Shell has suggestions for how to celebrate the day.  And if you're in New York during National Oyster Day and you like oysters, you'll definitely want to meet the Naked Cowboy

Happily, Seafood Watch gives oysters a pretty good rating so no environmental guilt over eating one of nature's reputed aphrodisiacs!

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