Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13: National Filet Mignon Day

Recently, my parents went to a wedding where filet mignon was offered as a dinner option.  My parents enjoy a good beef dish, so that's what they chose and they loved it.  Apparently, it was tender, juicy and as my mom put it, "soooooooo good!"

So what is filet mignon? has that answer for us, along with a bit of history.  If you're more of a visual person, the Texas Beef Council has an image that shows where on the cow filet mignon comes from.  Because of it's location on the cow, filet mignon is difficult to find kosher.

Eatocracy argues that the best way to cook filet mignon is to sear it after seasoning.  I don't know about that - filet mignon with truffled mushroom ragout sounds pretty good to me.  Chef Patrick O'Neil from Washington seems to like the searing technique as that's what he uses in his filet mignon recipe over at Epicurious, pairing the filet mignon with charred onions, zucchini and balsamic vinegar sauce.  AllRecipes seems to like the balsamic and filet mignon pairing as well.  Simply Recipes uses a red wine sauce to dress up filet mignon - after cutting it into a heart shape.  (Might taste good, but I think meat in the shape of a heart is a little creepy.)  And of course, Food Network has a collection of filet mignon recipes.

So, if you're a red meat eater, celebrate today with filet mignon at your favorite steakhouse or try any of the recipes above.

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