Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8th: English Toffee Day

Today is English Toffee Day!  I wasn't sure what the difference between regular toffee and English toffee was, so I hit up the internet trying to find an answer.  Apparently English toffee involves butter can be chewy or hard, and is different than what is identified as toffee in the UK.  I haven't been to the UK, but I'll have to have my British friends buy me some real English toffee so I can try it.

Cooking Light's forum has a thread discussing the diffeence between butter toffee and English toffee.  According to one poster there English toffee has raisins while another says that English toffee has chocolate and nuts on top.  I've had brittle like that.

Paula Deen has a English Toffee Recipe here.  Like all candy recipes, I really recommend using a candy thermometer.  You can do the water test if you feel comfortable with it, but candy thermometers just make it so much easier.  There's also a YouTube video on making English toffee.

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