Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bread Machine Baking Month

Using the bread machine, I made a two more breads.  Unfortunately, neither of these used whole wheat bread, so this post is limited to celebrating Bread Machine Baking Month.  Again, both recipes are from More Bread Machine Magic and both recipes are in the "Sweet Breads" section.  (I do have other bread machine cookbooks - this just happens to be the latest one I bought at a used book store, so I'm going through the recipes now.  I also happen to be picking recipes with ingredients I already have.)

First up, Cammy's Greek Bread.  This one rised a lot - I'm really glad I chose the medium size!  It hit the lid of the bread machine.  I did have to use the full amount of milk suggested because my machine had trouble working the dough.  The bread was very sweet and not really appropriate for sandwiches, but it was good for toasting for breakfast and for French toast.  This bread was also used for bread pudding with cranberries.  It was tasty, but it's not a bread I'll be making often.  I can imagine it being perfect for brunches, though.

Next, Dad's Rice Pudding Bread.  I did run into a bit of a problem because the butter I used was still cold and I didn't cut it into small chunks.  The machine had some trouble working the dough until I cut the butter up into small pieces  and added more milk.  You can see the not-quite perfect dough ball here.  My roomie doesn't like raisins, so I left those out.  The result was a dense bread with a lumpy top.  The bread has a very nice cinnamon flavor and I can imagine that raisins would be perfect in this bread.  I've been enjoying this bread as breakfast - a slice gets me through my morning classes when I wake up late and don't have time to make a real breakfast.  (Unfortunately a common occurrence this semester.)

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