Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2 = Cream Puff Day

Well, Day 2 and I've already fallen behind schedule. Stayed out later than I anticipated, so now it's almost 2 in the morning on the 3rd.  I figure if I get a post up before I go to sleep, it still counts as posted on the 2nd, right?  Right?  *crickets chirp*

Moving on...

January 2nd is Cream Puff Day.  I believe cream puffs are a good dessert to make and impress people with for someone who doesn't cook often.  Cream puffs are essentially puffy, airy, balls of choux pastry which are cut in half and filled cream.  Some bakeries inject cream into the air pocket instead of cutting them in half.  If you have some way to inject the cream, by all means, go for it.  It's really all about presentation.  Do you want the cream to be a surprise?  Then injection, so the puff looks whole and unassuming.  Do you want different layers visible?  Then cut it in half and maybe use a cream tinted with food coloring for a stunning visual display.  Sprinkle a little powder on top, maybe a little swirl of whipped cream with an edible flower on top....  Cream puffs can be so beautiful!

You can get really fancy with the simple cream puff.  Anna the Red has a tutorial for making adorable Totoro cream puffs.  Taste of Home shows that you can shape cream puffs into elegant swans.  Sweet Kat's Kitchen has a tutorial for making bunny-shaped cream puffs.  Next time I make cream puffs, I'll have to try to make them into something cute.

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