Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22: Blonde Brownie Day

Again, another food I had to look up.  Oh, I totally know what a brownie is and I do indulge in one or two every once in a while.  (Those bite-sized brownie pieces make it hard to do!)  But I had no idea what a blonde brownie was.  I thought maybe it was another name for the brownies with peanut butter or butterscotch swirls.

I was wrong, but in looking at blonde brownie recipes, I'm still a little baffled.  Blonde brownies just look like a thick, more cake-y than normal chocolate chip cookie.  This Applebee's (or is it just Applebee's inspired?) recipe for blonde brownies uses a maple syrup topping and that definitely makes it different than chocolate chip cookies.   AllRecipes has a very popular blonde brownies recipe that, if you believe the comments, have earned awards at local cooking competitions.

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