Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14: Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

One thing you'll learn about me if you continue reading this blog is that there are a lot of food I either don't eat or rarely eat.  Deli meats for example.  I'm not a huge meat eater in the first place, and I'm just so paranoid about how safe some foods are that I just don't eat deli meats a whole lot.  I do eat black forest ham and pastrami on occasion, though. 

Since today is "National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day," I read up on pastrami.  Now I know why my Romanian friends love it - pastrami is Romanian!  I also didn't realize that real pastrami is brined - I thought it was just seasoned with lots of spices. 

Pastrami sandwiches have such a devoted fanbase that there is a thread over at Chowhound on making the perfect pastrami sandwich.  I'm personally a fan of a pastrami panini.  I like paninis because paninis are less likely to fall apart on me when compared to most sandwiches.  Oh, the pastrami sandwiches with big fluffy hoagie rolls are good too, but I prefer paninis.

I suppose my perfect hot pastrami sandwich would be some slices of really good, spicy pastrami, with hot mustard (not that plain yellow stuff!), a slightly toasted white bread, then using a panini press to smush it all together.  Add a side dish of cucumber, pepperocini, and tomato salad and some salt & vinegar chips and I'd call it done.

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