Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6: National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day and National Frozen Foods Day

National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

Here's another day where I wish I had done a little more planning.  When I first saw that it was National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day today, I thought, "I have white chocolate.  I have cream cheese.  I'll be able to whip up something after work."  Oh, how innocent I was.  The most highly rated white chocolate cheesecake recipes take a minimum of 8 hours.  There's a lot of chilling time involved.  Ah, well...  It's probably better for my waistline that I don't celebrate with a cheesecake today.

If you do feel like celebrating, try this white chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe.  Just be aware that it will take ten hours.  Really.

Or just see if your local bakery has any ready.  Or, y'know, the Cheesecake Factory.

National Frozen Foods Day

Now, I'm fairly certain that "National Frozen Foods Day" was mainly established to sell you the kinds of frozen foods that you just heat up and serve.  The kind that you just remove the outer packaging, stab holes into the plastic film, and then microwave for a minute or two.  Maybe you have to stir it before it's done.  I've had those meals before, but I don't really buy those anymore.

Primarily, the only frozen foods I buy these days are frozen vegetables, fruits, and fish.  Frozen vegetables are great for those middle of the winter days when all the farmer's market has is lots of potatoes and cruciferous greens (and you just can't eat anymore of those!) or when the vegetables in the produce section look so sad and limp after traveling so far.

I also like freezing the foods I cook.  It's great for frugal food planning - make a large batch of something and store individual portions in plastic containers.  (I like using plastic containers because they're re-useable.)  One of these days when I finally settle down, I'll get one of the large, stand-alone freezers.  If you're not sure about freezing food or you want to read up on it more, there are a lot of cookbooks out there devoted to recipes that are perfect for freezing.

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