Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11: National Oatmeal-Nut Waffle Day

A search for "oatmeal nut waffle recipe" turns up this recipe from Taste of Home.  Many other sites link or cite that recipe, and when I looked at the other oatmeal nut waffle recipes online they were all exactly the same as the one from Taste of Home. 

I halved the recipe and used soy milk instead of regular milk.  I still had some slivered almonds left from almond day so I used those for the nuts in this recipe.  I think I'll be making this recipe again as it was a easy recipe to follow and the resulting waffles were very tasty.  I think I'll have to try adding some fruit, like bananas or blueberries. 

The waffles were tasty on their own, but I did top one with cherry-blueberry jam and another with cranberry preserves.  I had the waffles as part of brunch, but SlashFood suggests making a dinner of the waffles by pairing them with chicken.  That sounds intriguing enough that I may just have to try that later this week with the leftover waffles. 

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