Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27: National Spanish Paella Day

I always see paella pans when I go to the kitchen supply stores and I've always passed them up.  I've never made paella so I don't want to spend the money on a special pan that I might only use once or twice.  I suppose the argument could be made that I don't make paella because I don't have a paella pan, but.... cart? horse?  I suppose if I really wanted to make paella, I would use a frying pan as JustAsDelish did

I'm not sure why today is called Spanish Paella Day, and not just Paella Day.  As far as I can tell (from quickly reading Wikipedia and poking about the internet), paella is already recognized as a Spanish dish, and each region of Spain puts its own spin on paella.  The most famous of Spanish paellas seems to be La paella Valenciana.   

Well, if I had decided to go ahead and make paella in a frying pan to celebrate today, I would've had to buy many ingredients from the grocery store.  This recipe uses ingredients I could easily buy, but right now, tomatoes and bell peppers are not very good.  Maybe I'll try making this dish in the summer, when all the veggies are at their best. I would have also had to devote a lot of time - this recipe takes over 11 hours to make!  This recipe from Cooking Light seems to take about an hour and half, which is way better than 11 hours, but still...  I think I'll leave this dish alone.

Except, I'm going to add it to my list of "Must Eat Whenever I Make Travel to Spain."

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