Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21: National French Bread Day and California Strawberry Day

National French Bread Day

How do you use your French bread?  I'm referring to the long loaves of crusty-on-the-outside, squishy-on-the-inside goodness that can be found in every grovery store with a bakery, not actual bread from France.  Some of the groceries without bakeries sell French bread, too.  And I hear that bread from France is amazing.  I haven't been to France, but I have had bread from French bakers and that was some tasty, tasty bread.

I like to use French bread for dipping- slices of French bread dipped in a little olive oil and a good herb blend makes a great appetizer.  I also like to eat French bread topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, peppers and olives.  And it's not bad with soup in place of crackers.  My favorite way to consume French bread, though?  I love using French bread to get that last bit of pasta sauce.  Since its completely socially unacceptable to lick the sauce off the plate, sopping up the sauce with French bread ensures that you'll every last bit of a delicious sauce.

And did you know that in France, you can get fresh French bread from a vending machine?

California Strawberry Day

Today's also California Strawberry Day.  California leads the nation in strawberry production so it's no surprise that California strawberries get their own day.  What is a surprise to me?  The strawberry is not California's state fruit.  In fact, California does not have a state fruit.  This makes pretty good sense, though, because there are a lot of different fruits produced in California and lawmakers probably don't want to make any particular fruit industry mad.  My guess is if it came down to a duel for the title of California state fruit, it would be between strawberries, oranges and avocadoes.  (Avocadoes count as a fruit, right?)  I apologize if I just gave you the mental image of strawberries, oranges, and avocadoes dressed up as sumo wrestlers or as swordfighters engaged in a duel.  Oh, you weren't thinking that?  Well, now you are.

The California Strawberry Commission has information for everyone, whether you're a teacher, a child, a health professional, a cook, or just plain curious.  Have a favorite recipe that uses strawberries?  You may want to enter the California Strawberry Festival's contest- you could win a cruise!  You'll have to personally compete at the festival, May 19-20, if your recipe is chosen as one of the final five.

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