Thursday, July 19, 2012

LATE - July 18: National Caviar Day

Sorry this is late, folks.  Stayed in a hotel last night that had the worst connection ever. 

Caviar.  Is it just a hoity-toity name for fish eggs?  Is it really fish eggs?  I need to know!

Turns out caviar is fish eggs, specifically sturgeon eggs.  You can get other types of caviar, like salmon caviar, but if it's only "caviar" then it's from sturgeon.  If it's orangish, then it's not "caviar."  True caviar is black to gray.

What's Cooking America encourages us to consume American caviar, not foreign. (See?  Even hoity-toity food can be local!  Well, local as in "same country.")  Did you know there's California caviar and Washington caviar

As always with seafood, please check the Seafood Watch list. (2 of 3 red, not good.)  The WWF has an excelent primer on why caviar isn't the most concious-friendly choice.

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