Saturday, July 14, 2012

July14: National Pick Blueberries Day and National Grand Marnier Day,

National Pick Blueberries Day

If you're looking to celebrate today by going out and picking blueberries, use Pick Your Own to help you find a local farm that has blueberries available.  If there are none near you or you want to simply head down to the grocery store for an easy picking experience, be sure you know how to select and store blueberries.

Once you've picked a bunch of blueberries, enjoy them by eating them by the handful, putting them in pancakes or waffles, preserving them for the winter, or by adding them to your cereal.

National Grand Marnier Day

Grand Marnier is an orange-flavored brandy liqueur.  While I've never purchased a bottle of Grand Marnier, I wouldn't be surprised if I've had some at some point, since Grand Marnier is often used in cosmopolitans, B-52s, and tequila sunrises

Grand Marnier is also used in some food recipes, such as Crepes Suzette and can be added to many classic recipes to create such things as Grand Marnier Souffle.

Alcohol that can be used for more than just drinking?  That's the best kind.

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