Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29: National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day and National Lasagna Day

National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

This has got to be one of  the most puzzling days on the food observance calendar.  I can't really find anything about this day on the internet, yet everyone seems to be going, "Whoo!  It's Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day!  We know nothing about it, but whoo!"

There is the theory that today is supposed to be about the cheese that is used to catch rodents.  I actually wonder if the day came about during one of the wars...y'know, maybe cheese was too expensive or there was a "Save the Cheese for the Troops!" movement like there was with some other foods

So how to celebrate today?  NYCFoodDays has some suggestions for New Yorkers that want to celebrate.  You could send an e-card.  (Believe me, I was surprised to find one for Cheese Sacrifice Day.)  You could also make a "sacrifice" by not purchasing cheese today. 

National Lasagna Day

I can't help it - I think of Garfield (the cat, not the actor or president) when I think of lasagna.  I also remember the time I shocked one of my friends by eating lasagna with chopsticks.  (We were living in the dorms and she had no extra forks.)

This lasagna recipe is extremely popular and well-ranked - 5 stars after nearly 7000 reviews!  Also from AllRecipes, here's a vegetarian recipe that's well-ranked.  Or try this White Vegetarian Lasagna recipe - I didn't know you could make lasagna without a tomato-based sauce.  I also didn't know you could make lasagna in your slow cooker!  That idea really intrigues me and I'll definitely be trying it.  Of course, for the vegans, here's a vegan lasagna recipe that uses vegan cheese and tofu.

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