Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21: National Creme Brulee Day and National Junk Food Day

National Creme Brulee Day

When I hear the words "creme brulee," I immediately think "blowtorch."  Then I remember the one time a friend tried making creme brulee and her blowtorch leaked, creating a small fireball in her kitchen.  Most exciting creme brulee EVER.

Creme brulee isn't terribly hard to make, but it is time consuming and requires a blowtorch, soI don't think very many people actually make it at home.  What's Cooking America has a recipe that requires less time than Alton Brown's, but you'll still need a blowtorch for that perfect crust.  Cooking For Engineers also does a breakdown of cooking creme brulee.

A blowtorch wasn't always used to get the carmelized top - at one point an iron was used.

The blowtorch approach just seems like more fun.

National Junk Food Day

Well, a lot of things that are perfectly normal food to most people are things I consider junk food, so I'm not really the most impartial person to write on this topic.  Instead, I'm going to pass you on over to Serious Eats for 16 foods you can eat to celebrate National Junk Food Day and to GalTime's tips for surviving the day.

Personally, I think a great way to celebrate today would be to go through your pantry and identify what is junk food.  You don't have to toss it out, but at least go through and recognize what foods you have that are not good for you.

My biggest junk food sin right now?  I still have Girl Scout cookies.

That is the one treat I will never give up.

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