Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7: National Strawberry Sundae Day and National Macaroni Day

National Strawberry Sundae Day

With the heat driving everyone crazy and cranky, celebrating a cool treat is perfect timing.  Made  fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream, strawberry sundaes are a refreshing treat.  There's some history for the sundae and, as usual, there's dispute over how the sundae came to be. 

To boost the flavor, try roasting the strawberriesCookies and jam are a good addition to strawberry sundaes.  Try pistachios as a topping.

National Macaroni Day

Macaroni is a type of pasta.  Often served as macaroni and cheese, it's a familiar pasta to most in the US. Macaroni is also used in some pasta salads.  There are many uses for macaroni pasta.

Personally, I love adding vegetables to my macaroni and cheese, but you can also add meatballs.  Or you can just keep it simple and just add more cheese.

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