Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13: National French Fries Day

Back in December, Burger King debuted their new and improved fries and launched a massive advertising campaign.  Falling prey to the marketing campaign, at least three of us headed out and ordered the new  fries.  Maybe the hype was too much, butI thought they weren't anything special.  I still think that in terms of fast food French fries, McDonald's still reigns supreme.  (Although the seasoning Jack-in-the-Box uses on its curly fries is pretty tasty.)

French fries don't have to be just the plain-potato fried in vegetable oil.  Duck-fat fries from the Smoking Goat in San Diego are a must have when you're there - just don't think about the health consequences.  I wonder if French fries made with sunflower oil taste that much different than French fries fried in vegetable oil.

And French fries can make a great base food to a variety of toppings.   At the San Diego Fair, my friends and I share garlic fries, with the fries with the most garlic and parsley being the most coveted.  Carne asada fries are a great late-snack food after a night of bar-hopping.  And who can forget the weird fries that you can get at gas stations and random snack shacks where you add copious amounts of a scarily-bright yellow goo or a weird gloopy substance the store believes is chili.  When making fries at home, I perfer to make "nacho fries," topped with shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, onions, jalapeños, and a taco-seasoned meat or meat replacement.

In honor of today, the HuffPo seeks an answer to the all important question of: is there really such a thing as a healthy fry?  The article doesn't find an aswer to the question, but it does provide some pretty pictures of French fries to look at.  Personally, I like making French fries at home, because then I can control the amount of oil and salt used.

Like a all popular foods, the origins of French fries are in dispute.  The Belgians claim they invented fries.  Check out a possbile history of French fries.  Or how about this one?  It has royalty in it.

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