Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4: National Cognac Day and National Cheese Day

National Cognac Day

I don't drink a lot of hard liquors.  Good gin, tequila, and the occasional fruity alcohol like Midori... sure, I'll do shots of those.  But things like moonshine, whiskey, and cognac?  Ugh, no.  Those are definitely a case of "develop a taste for it."

So I had to do a little searching on cognac when I saw that today was National Cognac Day.  What is cognac?  Well, apparently it's a type of brandy.  It seems that it once referred to brandy solely from the Cognac region of France, but a lot of people these days use it to refer to any good brandy.  In honor of today, YumSugar has a Cognac 101.

If you're a cognac drinker, raise a glass and consume in your favorite way.  Or, perhaps, today you'll want to try it a new drinks recipe.  DrinksMixer has over a hundred different recipes for cocktails with cognac as an ingredient.

National Cheese Day

Okay, this day is just trying to be difficult now.  Cheese?  That's it?  Not a specific type of cheese?  Britain alone produces over 700 different types of cheese.  Soft, hard, yellow, white, blue, with fruits, creamy, goat, cow, etc....  I love the fact that both Wisconsin and California have their own respective cheese webpages.  It makes sense, considering the milk industries in both states have always been butting heads.  There eventually had to be spillover to their cheese industries.

I've been very good at trying different cheeses the last few years.  I'm not allergic, just lactose intolerant, so I can usually manage a bite before I need to start taking pills to eat more cheese.  Since I don't eat cheese very quickly and I'm never sure if I'm going to like a particular cheese, I tend to buy my "Meh, I'll try it" cheese from Whole Foods' "$4 and under" section so I can buy my cheeses in small amounts.  I'll use them in quesadillas, on salads, or just to nosh on every now and then.

One nice thing about this day?  It's in June, which is National Dairy Month.

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