Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27: National Indian Pudding Day and National Orange Blossom Day

National Indian Pudding Day

Huh?  Didn't we already have National Indian Pudding Day?  We did on February 17.  Plus, it's also on the calendar for November 13.  Eatocracy is saying it's today,  Daily Food Holiday says Feb 17, and  Punchbowl says Nov 13.

Okay, this food must be super awesome if it has three days honoring it.  I'll have to try making some.

National Orange Blossom Day

Okay, I realize this may be stretching it for a food holiday, but if orange trees didn't have orange blossoms, we wouldn't have oranges.

Actually, an orange blossom is also the name for a cocktail, so whoo!  Legitimate reason to celebrate!  Orange blossom is also a pilsner, a dessert, mini cakes, and cookies.  So many ways to celebrate. 

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