Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21: National Lambrusco Day and National Peaches and Cream Day

National Lambrusco Day

Hey, wow! Another food observation that has a webpage! Which is great, since I wasn't sure what lambrusco was. Turns out it's a wine, which made me a little confused. I'm not a huge wine person, but I figured that if it had a food observance day, I would probably know it. Then I learned that it was a fizzy wine and realized that due to my aversion to most things "fizzy," I probably ignored it and put it out of my mind. (If it's fizzy, it's something I won't drink, and if it's something I won't drink, I can't be bothered with drinking it.)

"But not so fast!" cries the New York Times. They're not the only ones to tout lambrusco and lament that it is an underrated wine. Indeed, Riunite claims that its lambrusco is the most popular Italian wine.

Hrm...Trader Joe's has it for $5. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

National Peaches and Cream Day

Mmm....peaches are everywhere at all the farmers' markets right now and I'm thrilled. Right now, the majority of peaches at the markets are super juicy, super sweet, and absolutely wonderful to eat. I've been eating them plain, as lettuce salad toppers, as part of a fruit salad, or made into popsicles. The one way I don't eat them, though, is with cream. I'm not sure where the combination of fruit and cream originated from, but I've only ever liked strawberries with cream.

At first, I was confused why anyone would need a recipe for peaches and cream. It's just fresh peaches and whipped cream right? Well, apparently not. You can serve the peaches with a sugar syrup and unwhipped cream. You can put peaches and cream into a pastry. Or how about using sour cream instead? Or grilling the peaches and then topping them with cream cheese? Real Simple has a pretty large collection of recipes that take peaches and cream to a new level.

[Author's note: I mixed up my days yesterday, so this post originally appeared yesterday.  June 21 is the correct day for Lambrusco and Peaches & Cream.  Yesterday's post has been updated to reflect the correct food observances.  I'm going to take this as a sign I need more sleep.] 

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