Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1: National Hazelnut Cake Day

Still trying to catch up with life, so no baking today.  Which actually is a relief, in a way, because I could not pick a recipe for a hazelnut cake!  There are so many options!  Do I want one with chocolate?  NPR has one they featured for Valentine's Day, Ladies Home Journal has a recipe that Giada de Laurentiis shared with them. and bon appetit has a recipe for one with praline chocolate crunch.  Or do I go flourless, and use a recipe from I Adore Food, a Hungarian recipe on AllRecipes, or the recipe featured on Epicurious?  Or rum and bananaChocolate buttercream frostingBrown butter? Or Nutella?  Right now, I'm thinking the rum and banana so I can drink the rum while baking....

If I do that, I'll pop Pirates of the Caribbean in the DVD player.

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