Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4: Chocolate Milk Powder Day and National Cordon Bleu Day

Chocolate Milk Powder Day

Some sites have today listed as Chocolate Milk Powder Day.  Note: no "National" in this one.  This seems to be an unofficial, unrecognized by Congress food observance day.  At least this is an observance that makes sense: today is (supposedly) the day that Coenraad Johannes van Houten was granted the patent for chocolate milk powder.  But this is a day without official recognition and very little hard data to back it up.  Louise over at Months of Edible Celebrations does a really, really good job of investigating the matter and coming up with ways to celebrate today, so I'm just going to suggest you check out her entry for today. 

National Cordon Bleu Day

I knew Le Cordon Bleu was a famous culinary school, so at first I was confused that it got a national observance day.  Then I realized that this was supposed to be the dish, cordon bleu or chicken cordon bleu.  Again, another food I haven't eaten, probably because it has cheese in it.  Chicken cordon bleu is chicken wrapped around prosciutto (ham) and a soft white cheese.  Almanac of Eats has a vegan version of cordon bleu which I may have to try some day, except for the fact that I have an aversion to "fake meats."  (Yet, I'm okay with "fake cheese" and "fake milk."  Go figure.)  For a more traditional cordon cleu, head on over to Micheal Lerma's blog.

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