Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23: National Cherry Cheesecake Day and National Picnic Day

National Cherry Cheesecake Day

Cheesecake!  Mmm...  Then topping it with cherries?  Yes, please!  Cheesecake is a pretty tasty, rich treat.  Personally, I love not only the taste of cherry cheesecake, but also the lovely contrast of the bright red topping and the creamy yellowy-white of the filling; not only is cherry cheesecake delicious, it's visually pleasing.  Nigella Lawson offers up this tasty looking recipe.  Or you can try making bite-sized pieces.  Normally, I'd use crushed graham crackers and butter for the crust, but I am tempted to try this recipe from Real Simple which uses gingersnap cookies instead.  On a diet?  Try this recipe from Weight Watchers.  Or try this "fake" cherry cheesecake made with yogurt.

And for anyone who isn't sure what cherry cheesecake is, Wise Geek comes to your rescue.

National Picnic Day

It's too cold, dreary and wet to enjoy a picnic right now.  I suppose, I could've just sat on the floor and called that a picnic, but...nah.  Still not the same. 

Did you know you can get some seriously fancy picnic baskets?  Or do you already have a picnic basket and need something to put in it?  NYTimes offers up 101 recipes that are perfect for picnics.

Of course, then you have to consider where you have your picnic.  Assuming your weather is nice, outisde is really the place for a picnic.  Parks, arboretums/gardens, zoos, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, ponds, art museums....all are great for picnics.  (Personally, I like to hike to good picnic locations; one of my favorites is Maidenhair Falls in Anza Borrego. ) The Huffington Post seems to agree that picnics are best outdoors and provides the top places for a picnic in various cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago.

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