Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10: National Cinnamon Croissant/Crescent Day

Today is National Cinnamon Croissant/Crescent Day.  Because I don't want to type "Croissant/Crescent" over and over, I'm just going to stick with "crescent," unless the recipe I link to uses "croissant."  Which, I realize is just being lazy, since some people feel that croissants and crescents are not the same thing.   Sorry, I'm going to be lazy today.  (Also, I think they're different - croissants are huge and super flaky, while crescent rolls come in a can that pops open and are more dense.)

I really can't find anything about how this food observance got started.  Looking at the history of today at Food Resource, I can't see any logical reason why today is National Cinnamon Crescent Day.  There's plenty of information out there about cinnamon and plenty about the history of croissants, but nothing specific about cinnamon crescents.

Looking to make your own?  The easiest way would be to use pre-made puff pastry or Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. (Personally, I'd try this recipe, only because the cook who posted it looks awesome.)  Looking to spend a little more time on your cinnamon crescents?  Taste of Home has a recipe for glazed cinnamon crescents.  Or you can always try cinnamon croissant bread pudding.

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