Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 14: National Pecan Day

A double whammy day!  See, April is also National Pecan Month, so this day falling in this month is totally appropriate.  When I think of pecans, I think of two things: roasted pecans and pecan pie.  The National Pecan Shellers Association provides all the information about pecans that you may need, including history, recipes, and nutrition facts.

Seems like every state has it's own pecan grower's association:  California, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, New Mexico, Missouri, Okalahoma..  Each site has plenty of useful facts about pecans.  Of course, the USDA serves as the foremost resource of facts about US pecan production.  Although, when looking at the map on that page, one has to wonder why California and New Mexico grow pecans.  Then you look at the map in New Mexico State University's report on US pecan production and a different picture emerges.  With that map you can see very well which region of the US pecans grow well in.  Looks like Georgia produces the most pecans in the US, followed by Texas and New Mexico. 

Well, however you celebrate National Pecan Day, you can be assured you're supporting American agriculature when you purchase pecans.

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