Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11: National Cheese Fondue Day

Well, my first thought is National Cheese Fondue Day must've been sponsored by The Melting Pot, along with Emmi Roth Kase.  Why?  Well, they own the website and to honor the day, they were giving out 25,000 vouchers for free fondue.  Seems like those vouchers went fast, if you didn't get one this year maybe you can get one next year.  But, hey!  At least this is a day where I can figure out who the sponsor likely is!

FondueBits provies us with the history of fondue, along with a cheese fondue recipe and tips for cooking and serving.  Really, though, I feel the only time you need a recipe for cheese fondue is when you want to try a flavored fondue dip.  I'm more of a fan of throwing a tasty cheese (or many tasty cheeses) into a fondue pot or crockpot and then dipping savory foods into the melted cheese.  One friend takes tasty sharp cheddar, mixes it with a soft white cheese and a bottle of beer, then serves it with such savory delights as bacon-wrapped crescent rolls, cocktail weiners, and roasted garlic for spreading on French toast. 

So in honor of today, melt some of your favorite cheese and start dipping away!

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