Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16: National Eggs Benedict Day and Day of the Mushroom

National Eggs Benedict Day

If I hadn't been at a conference most of the day, I would've made Eggs Benedict to honor today's food celebration.  This is one of the few breakfasts-that-feature-eggs-that-isn't-an-omelette that I like.  Two toasted English muffins with Canadian bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce - pretty tasty stuff.  Granted, I like to dress mine up with a little chopped cilantro or chives on top- it adds nice color to the dish.  When I want to add a spicy heat, I replace the Hollandaise (or just add to it) with Tabasco sauce.  What's Cooking America provides us with the history of Eggs Benedict, including the somewhat murky origins. provides us with information about some of the many variations on Eggs Benedict.

Knowing how to poach eggs is crucial to Eggs Benedict, so take a look at these tips from Alton Brown.

Day of the Mushroom

I like to put mushrooms in everything I can- pizza, spaghetti, soups...  Sometimes, I'll even use mushrooms as a meat replacement.  And Japanese-style simmered mushrooms (shiitake mushrooms simmered in soy sauce and mirin) makes for a tasty dish. 

I only eat mushrooms that I get at the store - you will never see me eating wild-growing mushrooms.  Really, no one should do this unless they have been trained to recognize with confidence edible mushrooms.  The Puget Sound Mycological Society's first rule of eating mushrooms? "1. Always be 100% sure of identification."  Even those who have been eating wild mushrooms for a long time can make a fatal mistake.

Looking to stay local with your mushrooms but not wanting to go wild?  You can try growing your own mushrooms using "Grow Your Own Mushrooms" kits.  They are available online or in Whole Foods or other similar stores. 

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