Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 17: National Cheeseball Day

Whoops!  With all the papers and projects I have due this week, I completely forgot to update yesterday!  So here's the post for yesterday and here's hoping that I don't get so bogged down with a paper tonight that I forget to update again for today.

Yesterday was National Cheeseball Day.  I've always thought cheeseballs were  a clever way to serve a cheese dip with chips.  Somehow, it's classier than just sticking out a bowl of dip next to the vegetables and chips at a party. I particularly like this turkey-styled cheeseball from Taste of Home.  The Cooking Channel rounds up some other cute holiday-themed cheeseball stylings.  Chicagoist provides us a with a little history of the cheeseball and a cheeseball recipe using dried cranberries and walnuts.  Basically, it seems like you can take your favorite soft cheeses and mix them with whatever nuts, herbs, dried fruits and vegetables you want to make a tasty dip for sturdy crackers.

In searching for information about National Cheesebal Day, I came across the site of the Cheese Ball Chick.  Motivational speaker Molly Sanborn, aka The Cheese Ball Chick, goes around carrying a package of the cheesy puff snacks known as Cheese Balls.  I'm always interested in people who have a gimmick to cheer up others.

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